Tips And Tricks For Managing Chronic Pain In The New Year

Doctor and patient
February 5, 2023
Tips And Tricks For Managing Chronic Pain In The New Year
Dr. Omar Said

Working our way back to good health, mental and physical, is not an easy job. An estimated 45% of people make New Year’s resolutions, but as many as 23% abandon their goals within one week. The majority give up between four and six weeks.

Rather than dreading annual resolutions, let's embrace the idea of setting personal goals at any time of the year, There is value in goal setting, especially when it comes to managing pain. While at times it might seem like chronic pain is out for your control, setting these goals can bring a sense of order and control back into your daily routine.

Here are some tips and tricks to making pain management goals you can stick to!

  1. Write out realistic and measurable goals. Break big goals into smaller more manageable tasks. Writing out goals makes it easy to recognize progress! Reaching goals can also help boost your mood.
  2. Make sure the goal is something YOU want to do, Define your goal and set a realistic date you intend to reach it. The more goals you reach, the more momentum you gain and the more confident you feel!
  3. Pace Yourself, goal setting works hand- in hand with pacing, a technique that is also very useful in chronic pain management.
  4. Find a support system. Many turn to family and friends to keep then accountable, and if that is not an option or makes you uncomfortable, use a tracking app to log progress and goals achieved!
  5. Practice daily affirmations. Self-criticism and negative thoughts kill motivation. Be kind with yourself! Its ok if you don’t reach a goal right away, but then life happens. Instead be self- compassionate and make the focus getting back on track.

Attainable New Year’s resolutions and setting specific goals helps people focus their efforts and make progress in their lives. The same principles can be applied to managing chronic pain. Making realistic, achievable goals can lead you to reach making even greater pain management goals!