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Shoulder embolization is a procedure in which the physician inserts a catheter into the radial artery in the patient’s wrist and advances the catheter to the shoulder. An examination is done to identify abnormally enlarged vessels. These abnormal vessels are embolized (blocked) using tiny beads to reduce excess blood-flow to the shoulder. This ultimately reduces inflammation and can improve pain. This does NOT affect blood flow to the arm.

Who is a Good Candidate?

  • Patients with moderate to severe shoulder pain

  • Patients diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder with restriction of movement and difficulty with in performing everyday activities

  • Patients with Osteoarthritic-like symptoms in their shoulder

  • Failed conservative treatment (NSAIDS/Physical Therapy/Joint injection).

Results of Frozen Shoulder Embolization

  • Outpatient procedure with twilight sedation

  • Clinical studies have shown symptom improvement in 80-85% of patients

  • Up to 4 years of pain relief in shoulder

  • Embolization has no side effects or cosmetic side effects

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