Welcome to Ascend Pain and Wellness!

Doctor and patient
October 12, 2021
Welcome to Ascend Pain and Wellness!
Dr. Omar Said

After much preparation, we’re excited to finally open our doors.  We’ve been working hard to get our clinic ready.  It hasn’t been easy and there have certainly been a lot of challenges. The space we took over was an old pediatrician’s office that had been abandoned for some time.  It needed a lot of tender loving care.  And by tender loving care, we mean that the whole place needed to be demolished and rebuilt.  We worked with an architect to design a space that would completely address the needs of our patients.

The next step was to partner with a General Contractor that shared our vision.  We felt so fortunate to work with a group that cared so much about creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing clinic for our patients and staff.  They were attentive and kind and worked tirelessly to get the clinic open on time.  After the construction, it was time to furnish it all.  Everything is BRAND NEW!  From the computers to the phones to the furniture to all of the medical equipment.  All of it Is NEW and all of it state of the art.  We insisted on not cutting any corners because that’s not how we do business.

We’re very proud of the work that we’ve done thus far and we’re excited to share our new home with you. We strongly believe that our new clinic will allow us to provide the best care possible.  Our patients deserve it!

Thank you so much for all your support throughout this process and we hope you’ll come by and check us out.  See you soon!

Omar Said, MD